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Failure to comply with the below guidelines will result in your topic or post being deleted.



---------------------------IF YOU ARE CREATING A TOPIC SCROLL DOWN TO THE NEXT SECTION---------------------------

---------------------------IF YOU ARE SIMPLY MAKING A POST READ RIGHT BELOW---------------------------



I remind everyone that the DSM Updates Reporting forum is SOLELY AIMED at REPORTING SUCCESSFUL or UNSUCCESSFUL updates. This forum is NOT meant for asking questions whether they are in direct connection with the update or not. Such posts will be removed.


Please follow the template below when making a post in this forum. It makes it easier for others to check the status of an update.


- Outcome of the update: (Successful update or not)

- DSM version prior update: (DSM 6.1.7-15284 UPDATE 3)

- Loader version and model (3615xs or 3617xs or 916+ or 918+)

- Using custom extra.lzma: (Yes / No and from who / version)

- Installation type: (BAREMETAL / VM / Hardware details (specially NIC))

- Additional comments: (Problems encountered etc. No questions allowed here. Comments should be in direct connection to the upgrade. All other comments will be removed)




- Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL

- DSM version prior update: DSM 6.1.3 UPDATE 7

- Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.02b - DS3615xs

- Using custom extra.lzma: NO

- Installation type: BAREMETAL - Gigabyte H97N - NIC: Intel I217-V & Qualcomm Atheros AR8161 Gigabit Ethernet (rev 10)

- Additional comments: HANGED BUT A REBOOT FIXED IT


You can copy paste the above and modify the data according to your specific situation. Keep UPPER CASE and use RED color in the first line if the update is UNSUCCESSFUL. Use BOLD as above.


If you have specific comments because there is a problem with an update use the Additional Comments line to mention them. If you have a question then use the appropriate sub-forum, not this one.


When posting, please DO NOT refer to your hardware in your signature or post links to your configuration from any external website or from your About Me section. If for some reason you modify those (or the link breaks) one day then your post becomes useless to the community.




---------------------------IF YOU ARE CREATING A TOPIC READ BELOW----------------------------------


If you are the one creating a topic because a new update has been released by Synology please stick to the following guideline:


1 - Visit https://xpenology.com/forum/forum/78-critical-updates/ first to check that the topic has not been created. If not, then use the following topic naming convention:


If it is a critical update: DSM X.X.X-XXXXX - Update X

If it is an intermediate update: DSM X.X.X-XXXXX

If it is a major update: DSM X.X-XXXXX


2 - Add the following tags to the topic according to the type of update:

If it is a critical update: dsm x.x.x, critical update 

If it is an intermediate update: dsm x.x.x, intermediate update

If it is a major update: dsm x.x.x, major update


3 - Visit this topic and create the OP following the same format:

Screenshot of the release note

Link to the Release note

Copy and paste release note content using the spoiler tag as shown below






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