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New pro setup and new system. What should I choose?



Hi. After long thought of upgrading my small home server I finally made a decission to do it ( my raid controller broke down so I am in need)
Soon I will move to my new house with an extra small utility room that will be used for home monitoring/ server room. I bought cheap used Dell Poweredge 2900 (which will do as server case), 16 gb ddr4 ram and xeon e5 2640 v3(second cpu and ram probably in future). Mainboard that I would like to choose for it will be one of supermicro server products- x10 drli or x10 drhc.
Yesterday I got an idea that it could be pretty good to use it additionally as gaming pc/ kodi player connected to tv in living room/ after adding new graphics card it will be way more powerful than my current pc).
Because it will be on 24h per day as family server and only in free time used as player/gaming pc, what type of system you suggest for it ( right now i am on xpenoboot and dsm 5.1)? 
Which option will be the best: win10/server with vmware for dsm ( I would like to have dirrect acces for disk files not virtual disks/ I never tried that), some linux/or other distro with both virtual systems,  xpenology with xpenoboot with virtual win10 ( if it is possible),  or some other option?

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