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Quick & Easy way to change HDD (equal or greater capacity)


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Back up your important data first. I won't be held responsible for any loss of data.

This guide writing for DMS 6.1.3, use a single HDD.


>>> Proceed at your own risk! <<<<


  1. Power off your XPE.
  2. Insert a new HDD (equal or greater capacity).
  3. Power on your XPE.
  4. Change RAID type: Open "Storage Manager" >>> RAID Group >>> Manage >>> Change RAID type >>> RAID 1 >>> Drag & Drop the new HDD to RAID Group (right side) >>> Yes/Next/Apply/OK.
  5. Waiting for "Changing (Re-sychronizing)" done.
  6. Power off your XPE.
  7. Remove the old HDD.
  8. Power on your XPE.
  9.  Enable SSH: Open "Control Panel" >>> Terminal & SNMP >>> Enable SSH service >>> Apply.
  10. Connect to XPE via SSH by Putty: log in an admin account.
  11. Run: sudo mdadm --grow --raid-devices=1 --force /dev/md2
  12. Expand the volume capacity (in case of change to a greater capacity HDD): 
    • Open "Storage Manager" >>> RAID Group >>> Manage >>> Expand  >>> Yes/Next/Apply/OK.
    • Open "Storage Manager" >>> Volume >>> Edit >>> Max >>> Yes/Next/Apply/OK.






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