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DS916+ Kernel modules for Intel 10GB network interface and Xeon processor


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Hey folks,


my current setup is as following:


Board: Supermicro X11SSH-CTF

Network: 2x Intel X550 10GB (onboard)

CPU: Intel Xeon 1245 v6 

(inkl. onchip GPU)



What I wanted to achieve is/was a running DSM and Plex server with most possible feature support (and HW transcode). So the main problems in this constellation are:


- 916+ image has support for HW transcode, but not for the network card and not for the Xeon processor in its full instruction set (right?)

- DS3617 image works fine and has everything (Xeon kaby lake instructions, network card) but can't get HW transcode working


Correct so far?


What do you guys think will be the best way to go ahead?

I thought about building the kernel modules for the 916 image  (ixgbe.ko) which is included in the 3617 image and would follow this instructions: https://xpenology.club/compile-drivers-xpenology-with-windows-10-and-build-in-bash/


I'm not quite good at kernel hacking, more or less a noob.... so which parts have to be changed to what :D?

"4) Get the source and Tool Chains." refers to the '15047branch/bromolow-source' , do i have to change that to an other source because my cpu is kabylake architecture?

Can i add here some module which will provide better support for my Xeon CPU as well?



Thanks for help in advance ...

Any result I will get from my work here will be shared :) - could upload the edited .img afterwards too if anybody would like to (and of course it's working)





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