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Some noob questions


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I was going to by a synology nas till a friend gave me the hint of looking into XPEnology first, I would install this on hardware I still have lying arround, a asus E35M1-M with one 4GB bar of ram, which i suppose would be good enough.


I'll have 4*4TB disks in raid 5, but is it possible to use my fifth SATA port for an extra disk for the dsm software, and the rest for not so vital temporary data? or does the dsm software load from the USB Stick?


My main concern is what the consquences would be if this system crashes. Can I just build another system en then add the Harddisks and go on?


How easy is it to upgrade the DSM software? I haven't got 4*4tb spare drives just lying around :razz:


I'm sorry for these noob questions, this would be my first experience with XPEnology or DSM.

Thanks in advance!

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Ok thanks

When building this setup with 5 disks

I'll best install the dsm with only the single disk, and later adding the 4*4TB? Or it doesn't matter?

Some question when rebuilding when an eventual crash has happened?

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