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Recovery mode in XPEnology?


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So I accidentally ran

chmod 775 /usr/lib/*

Yup, a fool.


So now I get this error whenever I try to do anything that uses sudo :


sudo: /usr/lib/sudoers.so must be only be writable by owner

One of the solution is logging in by root and changing the permission, but I can't do that because I don't know how.

What I've tried :

  • sudo -i (Uses Sudo)
  • su - and enter my password ('Operation Not Permitted')
  • booting into linux and trying to mount the DSM drives - couldn't mount it


I have the ADMIN account disabled due to security reasons.


I'm ready to face reset, but it takes too long to clean up.

Any ideas?

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Enable the admin account then try

sudo -i

followed by the admin password.


Considering the amount of files you changed permissions to I would highly recommend a fresh install. Troubleshooting the consequence of your action might be endless and counter productive. Specially when you don't seem very confortable with linux commands.

Save yourself (and others) some time, reinstall.

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