HP Microserver gen 8 stuck in migration recovery loop

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I hope someone can help me here, I've done quite a bit of searching, tried some things, but nothing has worked.


Firstly, I've got a HP Microserver gen 8 which was running 5.2, I followed this tutorial:



All was going well until I got to part 9:, essentially during an attempted migration it's appears to be stuck in a loop:


Welcome back with the recover button, you click the recover button, the server reboots, but you find yourself stuck in a loop back at exactly the same recover screen 5 mins later....




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No real idea if this will help ... but have you tried at step 7 selecting the reinstall option ?


When i did my Gen 8 I followed the same tutorial. I dug out the PID and VID and SERIAL and Network MAC from the old 5.2 boot loader usb stick


Another thing you might try is to have a spare HDD installed as the only drive, and try and do an install to that.

If that were to work, you could just drop in your other drives a couple at a time and let DSM do an upgrade on each drive



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thanks huxmut, I did try the reinstall and force install, but still in a loop.


Good idea re the old pid and vid though, will try that!.


Would dropping in the other drives loose the data though?



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