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BIOS Requirements / Settings for Virtual Machine Manager


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What is the hardware requirements / BIOS settings needed to make VMM run correctly. I built a new machine with a i5-6500 CPU and lots of RAM etc and I'm having problems installing Windows 10 and Ubuntu. The systems doesn't even boot. ubuntu gets kernel panics and WIndows 10 bluescreens. I just managed to install Windows 7 Pro and that's it.


So I tried to install the same version of Synology, with the same boot loader and same updates on another machine. This time with a Intel Socker 1366 CPU... And on this machine Ubuntu works just fine. 


Both CPUs supports Virtual Technology etc. So the only thing I can think of is that there has to be some difference in hardware. Therefore I'm interested to know what needs to be enabled / disabled to make VMM work like a charm? :D

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What is the make of motherboard?

Have you looked for bios updates for it?

Try resetting the bios to defaults

Also check that the memory is compatible, matching slots and check its speed and any adjustments you can make to match the CPU

Do a basic build with minimum ram etc

try ESXi

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