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1 - What motherboard/PC/CPU can I use?

Most Intel based motherboards/PC's will work with the current boot loader for DSM 6.1.x and DSM 6.2 but many community members are running AMD with DSM 6.1.x. If your motherboards BIOS has a C1E function (mostly HP machines) make sure to disable that before upgrading to DSM 6.1.x


Intel/AMD boards are supported with XPE/DSM 6.0.2.

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Updated with DSM 6.2.
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4 - Is there an HCL I can check for compatibility?

Not really, but community members are working on publishing a list of included/additional modules and drivers and devices they support. This said you can check the modules contained in the loader and ramdisk published by community members, and from there, see if your hardware is supported.


For additional modules compiled by community members look here:



For a user reported compatibility list look here:


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5 - Why is my HP P410 disk controller (or other Disk/RAID controller) on my bare metal installation is not showing any drives connected?

The HP410 (or other hardware) is unsupported in the XPE 6 boot loader and missing necessary drivers. You can try installation under ESXi to use that controller.

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