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GUI no longer working following attempted rebuild

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In a bit of pickle and really don't know where to go from here.

So yesterday my host decided to pack in its OS drive (I'm running a Microserver Gen 8) and unfortunately it's not backed up and is only on RAID0 on it's own. 

I lost everything except my Xpenology data on RAID10 (4 seperate 3TB drives) 


Upon rebuilding my Xpenology Hyper V VM, it booted, I could get to the login page, I could access my data over the network & I could access things such as SABNZBD, Radarr & Sonarr (installed apps).

However I can't log into the web gui. It says its still starting and to try again later. 


Going through the DSM install process via Xpenology bootloader says my DSM version is 5.2-5967 & my firmware version is 5.2-5644. It states it needs updating. 

However when trying to go through the install process for the pat file it says it's corrupted. 


I'm really at a loss as to where I could go from here.

Also tried SSH'ing into the server but the connection was refused. 


I would really prefer not to lose my data on my disks if possible. 

Is there a ISO file for 5.2-5967 for the bootloader? The xpenology website doesn't have one. I've only been able to find an img file. 


Thanks in advance

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