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Hi All

I was doing some testing to prep for updating some systems and noticed that the 1.02b boot loader updates to the latest version of DSM installed/updated to.


In my test;

Created a new flash drive with 1.02b vid/pid etc

Booted system with a clean hdd attached and Syno Assistant found as '6.1-15047' uninstalled

Installed DSM 6.1-15047 - ok

Setup rest of system - ok 

Update to DSM 6.1.3-15152 - ok


I removed the attached drive and rebooted (no drives attached) - Assistant found the system as '6.1.3-15152'  uninstalled.


I hadn't thought that a DSM update would 'write back' and alter the boot loader, of course its not a problem and makes sense because thats what happens in a real Syno system.


However it could be a problem if a boot loader gets corrupted, reflashing with the default 1.02b/6.1 image may cause version problems. You would need to have a spare drive/hardware to install 6.1-15047 then update to 6.1.3-15152 to bring the loader back into sync with your production DSM version. 

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there are indeed newer files from update/system installed (where did i get that the usb flash drive is not updated, maybe it was in 5.0 i used before 6.1?)


root of 1st partition



root of 2nd partition






so when you have to recreate the usb flash drive you would at least have to restore the files from the patchlevel you had installed like 6.1.3 update 8 or 6.1.4 (without update) - have not tested it yet if that realy works


if its a complete version (220MB) then the files will be directly in the root of the *.pat file

if its a update file like  synology_bromolow_3615xs.pat then open the "flashupdate_*.deb" and inside there will be the 5 files




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