Dell SAS 5/iR controller DSM 6.1.3

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I tried to install DSM 6.1.3 on my old Xeon Dell power edge server, All went fine up until i triend to create volumes om the drives connected to my  Dell SAS 5/iR controller.

I cant seem to find out why but during creation file station stops it self and then all the volumes and raid groups already created from disks that are not connectd tot the  Dell SAS 5/iR controller disapear and i get an error message saying  Abnormality detected on Xeon-Nas. All volumes have been unmounted. 

When i disconnect the sas controller and connect 2 of the 4 drive that where connected to it to the sata port on the systemboard itself al goes normal and the system keeps running without issues.


Can some one please help me , system i build with the sas controller was so i could build an 8 drive nas system with the parts i had lying around.

But with this issue i cant even get it up to 2 untill i can split up 2 molex connection so i can hook up 4 drives to the motherboard.
Kind regads 

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I've not used this card myself but I think its based on the LSI chipset and mpt2sas driver/module, which I think are supported in 6.x

I would try to set the bios raid mode to IT/JBOD/Passthrough (whatever is the non-raid setting) and retry installation. You might have to flash the card to standard LSI bios rather than Dell.

(old post but should get you started


You can also try 'force install' in grub menu

There are various molex/sata power splitters than should work for you


depending on how many power connections you have on the psu


make sure the psu can support the number of drives and rest of the system


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