[VMM] BSOD on install

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Hi all,



DS3617xs with Juns loader



MSI B250i Gaming Pro AC


Im having troubles running Windows 10 on a VMM. I tried multiple versions, but they ultimately end in the same result:

  • When I boot the VM with Windows 1704 ISO (Creators update), I get instant BSOD so I can't even get to the installer
  • When I boot the VM with Windows 1607 ISO (Anniversery Update), I can get to the installer, load the Virtio HDD controller driver and the installation starts. When the VM reboots after installation I get the BSOD.
  • When I boot the VM with Windows 1507 ISO I can get through the install and boot into Windows without issues. Then I continued with installing the neccesary drivers. Then i started Windows update, and the upgrade to the latest Windows 10 has started. After the installation is finished I get a BSOD after first reboot.


The BSOD i'm getting is: Kmode_exception_not_handled. In the blue screen, there is nothing mentioned about a driver, so i'm not sure which driver triggers the BSOD. From the installation of the third bullet, I enabled the legacy boot menu and started Windows via Safe mode, but thats also giving me an instant BSOD. Disabling fast boot doesnt help either. I even tried all images above and incorporating the Virtio drivers in the image, but that doesnt help me either.







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I couldn't even get it to install before it BSOD on my G4620 build.  Win 7 works

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I'm having the same problem with Windows 10, same for server 2016.

Windows 7 seems to work.

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It seems this issue is related to the CPU mode with Win2016 and Win10 on KVM. (Synology uses KVM underneath).

You can check the current CPU config when you login e.g. via SSH, then identify a (running) VM with virsh list and virsh dumpxml <ID>.

My vCPU were on "passthrough". I temporarily solved this issue by joining the VMM Pro Beta Program (under License) and then activating the CPU Compatibility Mode (VMM Pro only) for this VM - this sets the CPU Fallback to core2duo, which works fine for me (Win2016 and Win10).




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For the time being I went back to using phpvirtualbox. I wish to use vmm though for my main NAS its nog viable if I can't use Windows 10 and Server 2016.

I'll test vmm when there is an update available on another system so at this moment I am not actively searching for a solution.

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