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N36L not taking disk 2-4


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I have recently deleted all of my disks by error and now need to setup this server anew, however, even though I am using Jun's 1.0b and it boots and seems to be working, somehow I cannot add disks 2-4 to my SHR.

They are added, and then dissappear just for the system to say that it failed, the only disk I can connect and make the system on is nr. 1, I even tried switching them around and still only nr. 1 can be made to work, what can have gone wrong?

I did switch off C1E of course, and the server is reachable I just cannot add disks.

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To check - you can see all disks in Storage Manager, but if you try to add them to a raid/shr it fails?

I don't have an N36, but had a similar problem on a bare metal system, drives would not add to expand a volume. What worked for me was to create separate volumes on each disk, then delete them, then I could add all the drives to the raid/shr. Don't know why this worked, guessing something to do with disks being initialised/partitioned and some unknown other 'magic' happening to allow the raid creation/build process to work.

You might want to check the smart status of the drives too, a failing one might interrupt the build process


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