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Replace kernel zImage in .pat - possible?


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I'm trying to add virtio support in DSM_DS3615xs_15152.pat

virtio_console.ko is required to run qemu-ga in PROXMOX's  Xpenology virtual machine.

However to build virtio_console.ko , HVC driver must be built in kernel:

Symbol: HVC_DRIVER [=y]                                                                                                                                                
  │ Type  : boolean                                                                                                                                                    
  │   Defined at drivers/tty/hvc/Kconfig:3                                                                                                                             
  │   Depends on: TTY [=y]                                                                                                                                             
  │   Selected by: VIRTIO_CONSOLE [=m] && VIRTIO [=m] && TTY [=y] || ...

According to this how2 i was trying to replace kernel zImage.

1 - untar .pat

2 - replace zImage with compiled bzImage

3 - calculate new checksum.syno

./synochecksum-emu1 VERSION zImage updater GRUB_VER rd.gz grub_cksum.syno H2OFFT-Lx64 bios.ROM isfl_drv_x64.ko isfl_drv_x64_3_2_40.ko lfdd_drv.ko lfdd_drv_3_2_40.ko platform.ini stage2 SynoBootLoader.efi hda1.tgz indexdb.txz synohdpack_img.txz packages/USBCopy-x86_64-2.0.3-0037.spk packages/SynologyUniversalSearch-x86_64-1.0.4-0118.spk packages/FileStation-x86_64-1.1.1-0099.spk texts/chs/strings texts/cht/strings texts/csy/strings texts/dan/strings texts/enu/strings texts/fre/strings texts/ger/strings texts/hun/strings texts/ita/strings texts/jpn/strings texts/krn/strings texts/nld/strings texts/nor/strings texts/plk/strings texts/ptb/strings texts/ptg/strings texts/rus/strings texts/spn/strings texts/sve/strings texts/trk/strings >checksum.syno

4 - tar to DSM_DS3615xs_15152.pat


But installation this .pat failed.


PS. Sorry for my English...


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a while ago i build the virtio modules and afair i did not activates options that where not modules (M), virtio_console.ko was also part of the package

you can try if it does work in any way for you

made for dsm 6.1, 3615



btw. i dont think just compiling a new kernel will work, synology until 5.x that seeed to be the normal way bat synology tryed to prevent this and atm with jun's loader the original kernel is used, it it would be so easy jun would have done it not that way i guess and others familiar with how it was done in 5.x might have continued but it seems its not so easy (i might be wrong, just a interpretation whats going on and what to read here)

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Thanks for your interest, but i built my own modules and the result is the same:


root@NAS3:/volume1/pub/virtio# insmod virtio.ko
root@NAS3:/volume1/pub/virtio# insmod virtio_ring.ko
root@NAS3:/volume1/pub/virtio# insmod virtio_console.ko
insmod: ERROR: could not insert module virtio_console.ko: Unknown symbol in module
root@NAS3:/volume1/pub/virtio# lsmod | grep virtio
virtio_ring             7872  0 
virtio                  3506  0 

[ 2087.718754] virtio_console: Unknown symbol hvc_remove (err 0)
[ 2087.718782] virtio_console: Unknown symbol hvc_kick (err 0)
[ 2087.718794] virtio_console: Unknown symbol hvc_alloc (err 0)
[ 2087.718805] virtio_console: Unknown symbol hvc_poll (err 0)
[ 2087.718819] virtio_console: Unknown symbol hvc_instantiate (err 0)
[ 2087.718832] virtio_console: Unknown symbol __hvc_resize (err 0)


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