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Hello, I seem to be having trouble with the Chat push notifications to mobile devices (Android). It doesn't seem to be working. Trying to enable push services gives an error in the control panel in DSM. Is this a Synology hosted service or am I doing something wrong on my configuration? 



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14 hours ago, abced said:

It's (kinda) Synology service, so without valid SN/MAC you can't use it.


Ah, ok. I was wondering if that was the case though hoped it could all be done on its own. Oh well, time to look into an XMPP solution. Thanks!

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On 9/11/2018 at 4:40 AM, lazygatto said:

As I understood there is no link with valid SN/MAC for Chat notifications to work. So no any of Synology services used for that.

For me notifications work well only if using local accounts of DSM.

If I switch for LDAP users in Chat App - then all notifications on mobile devices gone away :(


Which loader and DSM version are you on? I tried chat mobile app notifications on an install with and another without valid SN/Mac pair and both won't let push notifications work. I am curious if there is something else that synology push servers are checking for that non-genuine NAS's are missing.

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