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DSM 6.1.3 on ESXi 6.5 Disk Configuration





I am totally new to Synology/XPEnology and on ESXi as-well. I bought a MicroServer G8 G1610T Celeron CPU. I upgraded my RAM capacity to 16GB and currently I'm running a couple of VM's on it. For the last 2 months I was reasearching and testing the XPEnelogy Installation/Configuration proccess in order to get familiar with the enviromen. Now that Im confident with the XPenelogy enviroment I need to setup my Disk and go live.


For my setup I have 2 x 4TB Red WD  and I will assign 4GB of ram minimum on my VM. One of the disk will hold all of my shares and the other one will do backups of the main disk. I don't really need RAID cause data recovery is more important to me than hardware redundancy.


From my research I have seen that I have 3 ways to go:  Create datastores on my ESXi, RDM and passthrough.


As I said recovery of my data is very important to me, and I would like to be able to plug in my disk on any computer and retrieve my data in case of a disaster. So I guess creating a datastore is not going to work. In order to use passthrough I need to have a XEON CPU, is that right ? And Im not quite sure about the cons and pros of RDM.


What can you suggest? What is the best way to configure my disk so I can fulfill my needs ?

And also what can you suggest for a backup solution?



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