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Migrate from DS3617xs to DS3615xs



I have a question regarding models.

Running baremetal: DS3617XS 1.0.2b and 6.1.3 15152 Update1

Before I had ds3615xs installed. I migrated to ds3617xs becouse of my 2X Xeon prosessors. (2 X 2.16 quad)
The thing i found out is that synocomunity and others dont support ds3617xs with their packages.
I run Docker for some of these packages, but should I, or not, migrate back to ds3615xs with my prosessors in mind?
Another thing that occured is that my 12Gb ram, was reduced to 8Gb ram after migrating to ds3617xs. That might be hardware fault, not sure.

Thank you.

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I’ve done the opposite because of the lack of support from synocomunity to ds3617xs

In my case, I have an i3 6300 on a super micro X11SSM-F and 16gb ECC RAM and started with ds3617xs.

I’m thinking about migrating again to ds3617xs because I can live without syno packages.

Did you get any performance hit? Or it improved?

Will I get any significance increase in performance?

Thank you.

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