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Problem for 4g SATA boot disk


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My NAS config. : ASUS P8H77-I + i3 cpu + 5 SATA HDDs for Data Storage , 4g sata DOM disk for boot , System: 4.2 3202


i used 4g sata DOM disk as my synology boot , it's workng properly , and i used another SATA HDDs for Data storage

but when i check the disk management , i can see the below information :


Jmicron is my 4g sata DOM disk , i think my NAS system can't identify this DOM disk as synology boot , Just see it as an uninitialized disk .


How to settle this problem , if i upgrade the system to 4.3 , Can it solve this problem ?

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Synology will never recognize that drive as a "boot disk", as the OS itself is not configured to have a separate boot drive (official devices have a boot partition and MBR-based bootloader, we use a hacked-together GRUB).


This is not an issue, at least not something we can fix easily.

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