Xpenology on Proxmox : Unaligned AIO/DIO on inode ...

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I trie Xpenology 4.3 on Proxmox, and I just see on syslog (Proxmox) this line :

kernel: EXT4-fs (dm-0): Unaligned AIO/DIO on inode 119409931 by kvm; performance will be poor.


Why ?

And the most important, is this problem can crash or shutdown Xpenology ?

What can I do for resolving this ?


Thanks in advance. :smile:

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I have xpenology running on proxmox.


just take a look at my original post. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=733


There are some facts you need to know.


1. Virtualisation platforms will lead to loss of performance.

It is obvious because there is an extra system running which is taking some CPU power en memory.

It will also reduce your network throughput because it's a virtual adapter.


2. Proxmox doesn't have the chipset support which is needed for xpenology.

Result: dramatic disk io performance and raid crashes (level 5 crashes when you copy more then 4GB on it.)


Now there is a way to make it work.

I was even suprised with the performance of my system.


Let's start with my setup:

Mainboard: Gigabyte H77 Mainboard

CPU: Intel Xeon 1230v2

Mem: 8GB DDR3

System hdd: 2x 500GB RAID1 (software mdadm)

Storage hdd: 4x 2TB RAID 5 (software on xpenology)

NIC: 1x 1000mbit onboard & 1x 100 mbit pci

storage controller: Highpoint 4 port sata controller


The trick is that Proxmox wants to control the hardware.

Xpenology wants to do the exact same thing.

Result is that the hardware is commanded from 2 sides.


I added an extra storage controller to my system.

It's configured as pass through to my xpenology VM.

I also forwarded my 1000mbit NIC to my xpenology VM.


Now xpenology has full control on the storage harddrives.

All my problems i had before (my previous post) are gone.


The network throughput is stable at almost 80 mb/s and peaks to 100 mb/s

I gave the VM 2 CPU cores and 1GB of RAM and it's running really well.

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Thank you Robvantol for your help.


I seen your original post (and thanks for it), but I can't do these params because my Proxmox is on a dedicated server (OVH), so I must use virtual drive and virtual ethernet.

Just tested from SSH a Wget for downloading a ISO from internet (Debian ISO), and it downloads 70-100 Mb/s. I think it's OK ?


But for the raid crashes (>4Gb), it's scaring !

Proxmox have RAID 1 (hardware), and in Xpenology DSM no raid (only 1 or 2 virtual drive but simple and not RAID). Do you think it can crash ?

I'll test with a big file, need to know.



Edit :

I uploaded +6Gb file, then downloaded it with DSM File Station without problem. What do you think Robvantol ? Can it crashes despite this ?

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