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problem installing XPEnology


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Hello all,


I have an old pc at home and i heard about XPenology so, i though : why not turning it into a NAS ? so that's what i tried to do (hardly i would say ...)


i've tried :


DSM 4.3 : Synology assistant didn't find it and find.synology neither

DSM 4.2 : on a usb flash drive or a sd card : found by synology assistant & find.synology but it says that there isn't any hard drive (which is false i have two hard drive : one cut into two part : windows and nothing and an other with nothing)


so i don't know what to do ... and that's why i'm here :grin: i hope you'll be able to help me with this :grin:


(ps : sorry for mistakes i've made i'm french :grin:)

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