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XPEnology 4.3 on HP N54L - Connect 2 differents networks


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Hi all

In few days I would like to buy a HP N54L to convert it into "Synology" NAS.


But I want to upgrade it with a second gigabit ethernet port. And I would like integrated it in this infrastructure :




I must therefore add a low profile ethernet card.


Can you give me a part name which will be compatible with N54L and with drivers already integrated to XPEnology 4.3


In extra bonus, do you've a tutorial to configure this second ethernet port ? This second port will be used to allow connection from internet. I need it because it's not possible to connect from internet with the other port because firewall don't allow incoming connection.


Thanks you in advance



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Any of the Intel e100/e1000 series should work, but each release has its own thread with the supported NIC's listed. I'd suggest Trantor's thread.

You could also try setting up ESXi/XenServer, that way you can give it one or two virtual, supported NIC, and have both of yours attached to those (these hypervisors have almost all NIC drivers compiled and ready to use upon install).

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