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rocketraid 3620 (still fighting to make it work)


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With the help of Trantor's work and the beta v1.1 synoboot file, dmesg shows my 3 x 4tb and 1 x 2tb WD HDD that i have attached to the rocketraid 3620 controller.


dmesg shows the HDD as sdo, sdp, sdq, and sdr.


The drives however, do not show up in xpenology under "HDD Managemnt". For testing, I was able to telnet to xpenology and was able to manually using mdadm to --create a raid5 volume using the 4 drives. I was able to format the raid5 volume using mke2fs and I was able to mount the volume manually.


The drives just do not show up on normal boot up and they are not being picked automatically and thus not being used as part of the xpenology volume creation.


I can see from dmesg that xpenology creates the md0 raid, and then i can see that the rocketraid driver is installed, and that the 4 HDD attached to the controller are being picked up. I'm now thinking that the 4 HDD attached to the raid controller are not being used in the raid creation , because they are simply not being identified until the raid volume has already been created?


Is my thinking correct? and if so, is there a way where we can tell xpenology to load the rocketraid drivers (and thus make the HDD attahced to the controller available) prior to mdadm trying to create the software raid volume?


Any comments appreciated.

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