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LUN Backups (iscsi)


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Morning all


Just getting round to trying to sort out some backups for my LUNs..

I chose Block Level LUNs (for VSphere), which means that my LUNs are not considered 'Advanced LUNs' by Synology.. Great..

Anyway, just wondered what the best way to back these up would be. I'm currently running Hyper Backup to back up one of the LUNs and it looks like would change the volume to 'file level' if it was restored. Again, great (not).

I'm wondering if there's a way to do the following..


- any way to easily snapshot or backup the LUNs so that it doesn't change the disks when I restore them..

- view the data on the block level LUNs from the synology box.

- backup the LUN to the same synology box (shared folder) or backup/restore the lun to another LUN (changing the LUN type to Advanced).


Many thanks





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Ok. so I'm kind of answering my own question, but I've been looking around - trying to simplify things and I've come up with the following 'plan'.


I deleted my second LUN (had nothing on it) and provisioned it as a new Advanced LUN (file level), then presented it to VCenter..

Then I was able to check the option to Snapshot it (looked OK) in Snapshot replication manager..

In VCenter, I'm simply migrating all my VMs (storage only) to the new LUN.. Will see how it goes!

Once done, I'll delete the original LUN and reprovision as Advanced LUN.. This should give me the capabilities I am after!


Any pointers to my original query, appreciated!





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