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Hello Forum,


I'm Charles Windom. I am a Solutions/Cloud Architect working for a popular virtualization/cloud company.

 am currently running Thecus N5550 and HP Proliant MicroServer NL54 clocked at 2.2Ghz

My server is:

2 each - HP Proliant MicroServers running FreeNAS 11-2U1 only on one of the servers

16GB RAM in each server

1 Dual Port Gigabit NIC in each server

5 each real Hitachi 4TB Enterprise SATA 3 drives in each server

Looking to try out Xpenology on the free server to Xperiment :-)


Thecus currently has 5 each 8TB NAS drives configured in RAID5 for streaming only.

Other unit used for backup and some archival storage


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Hello, I'm Nossie and I am a newbie with XPEnology. 


I tried it once in a virtual machine with virtual drives. 

Now I want to build a NAS with an older system: Asrock Q1900M motherboard with an onboard processor: Intel quad core Celeron J1900 2Ghz and 4 Gb memory. 


So soon I will be asking for some help and advice in this community. 


Kind regards, 



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