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10GB Mellanox (DS3617xs) plus HW Transcode (DS916+)


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I've been testing several permutations of code baremetal installed using Jun 1.02b loader.  System is a Supermicro X11SSH-F with Xeon 1235L v5 Skylake CPU, which has Quicksync support.


If I use DS3617xs image, everything works great including my Mellanox Connect-X 2 dual port 10GB network card.  But there is no kernel support for Quicksync.

If I use DS916+ image, everything works great except my Mellanox card, and I can see /dev/dri is present and active


I'm guessing that Mellanox support is built in natively in the DS3617xs code base as a supported add-on card, but is not in the DS916+ code.  It looks like I can add additional driver support using Ramdisk, but the references to this in the install are removed for the time being.  Obviously I'd like to get both HW transcoding support and Mellanox going at once.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Sorry for the noob request, and thanks

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you dont have to guess, just open the dsm*.pat file with 7zip open the hda1.tgz and in there /usr/lib/modules/

i think mlx*.ko will be mellanox, 3617 has it, 916+ does not


source for 916+ to compile drivers

https://sourceforge.net/projects/dsgpl/files/DSM 6.1 Tool Chains/Intel x86 Linux 3.10.102 (Braswell)/

https://sourceforge.net/projects/dsgpl/files/Synology NAS GPL Source/15152branch/braswell-source/linux-3.10.x.txz/download


if you read this


and al little bit from this (toolchain)



you might be able to help yourself

i still plan to do a extra.lzma for 916+ and 3617 but i guess not in the next two weeks



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I think I might have the same issue with an Intel X550 10GBit interface. Need hardware transcode for my Xeon 1245 v6 and also the 10GB iface.

Because the iface is not recognized, I'm not able to install dsm ;-)



does anybody have an easy way to achive this? I'm not that familiar with compiling kernels and modules :D

--> in other words: everything that goes beyond a step by step tutorial is quite to hard for my limited skills :(

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