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one of the 4 ports failed to connect a hardrive. there's nothing on this drive and i never grouped it with the others as it wasn't visible after the install. I picked up a sata card. how do I let my DSM know to now see the hardrive on the new port. This drive is 2TB the other 3 are 3tb.port that failed is on the motherboard so i had no more room for another port so I picked up a card. If I switch to the new port on the card the box does not boot up. if i just unplugg that one port the box does not boot up. when i plug it back in the failed port box boots up but the HD is not visible

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If you do not give any information noone will be able to help:

Which loader are you using?

Whiich environment - Baremetal?

Which mainboard, with which sata controller onboard?

Which sata controller did you add?

Did you adapt your grub with Sataport option?


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