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@ Forum Administrator - Board Improvements


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Sorry, but couldn't find another way to contact you.

Edit: Found out later that I could Send private message to Andy928 - Site Admin


The idea to group the release topics was great, congrats for that.


I would like to propose that, in the same manner, to make a separate section for topics related to HP Microservers machines.

It would help the HP owners to find their answers easily and also the rest of the forum topics won't be hijacked with HP related questions.


@other forum users: - maybe this topic can be used as a starter point to insert your opinions/improvements related to forum.


PS: Those spam bots' topics polluting the board are not so funny :oops:


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I think we need further subforums, e.g. Development, Q&A, Tutorials, and so on. It would help a lot, plus would keep it less crowded.


Yeah more forums, especially a Q&A and Tutorials...


right now, with the limited search its really hard to find answers.


its not all of us who have been digging these forums for years !

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