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Security XPEnology ?


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Depends which release you use. There was a chinese release about half a year ago that had huge problems, backdoors and trojans, etc., but e.g. all of Trantor's releases are based on original Synology packages, with only minor modifications to make it work on our hardware.


Another question is the default security of the system. By default, your device expects it to be behind a firewall/router, but it also has a firewall you can easily activate, certain login restrictions (e.g. access from given IP ranges only), etc.


But again, you can NEVER be completely safe on the internet. A device that connects to any kind of global network that is not regulated (such as the internet) has the risk of exposing its contents, services, functions, to anyone. It can be a built-in issue, or a virus you download, but the chance is still there.


Nonetheless, in my experience Synology/XPE is safe.

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I trust in Trantor.

I haven't checked it.


I wouldn't use it professionally, but for my private stuff it's okay. As it is stated somewhere else - this is meant for testing only. No warranties are given - you are on your own.

I've got 4 other Synology's, and I have a backup running from XPEnology to one of those. But I sure like the speed on my N54L compared to my old DS409+! :grin:


So to put it simple - if you don't trust XPEnology, then don't use it. :wink:

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