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Hi to all forum ,

I have a microserver gen8 and I am using freenas on it, but I am not familiar with the os and I like to go on a xpenology os. I haved used in various of home PC's with xpenology since the first release. Now days I have one brix gigabyte at home with 6.0.2 on it, from jun's hack. All are ok, I use it since the first day of release. I have only one disk for data and of course the USB for booting. On microserver I have 1 SSD and 2 hdd 2 TB for data on Raid 1. Data are very important cause it's a civil engineer office. Can anyone help me to setup the microserver and reset all the permissions from freenas. I will of course backup all the data to a usb hdd just in case.... 



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As an observation, FreeNAS is a large scale community supported NAS O/S whereas XPE is a 'hack' of the open source elements of DSM that allows the Synology DSM O/S  to run on other hardware.

The XPE/DSM combination is a 'hobby project' by some clever Dev guys and could change at any time if Synology remove the open source components or 'secure' the system (DSM 6.2 seems to move in that direction).

If you are running a critical production business data NAS then be aware of the risks with XPE/DSM, and make sure the company managers know what you are proposing.

As an aside DSM 6x does offer several cloud backup options (Amazon etc) and if your data is as important as you say, then you should have an offsite backup regardless of your NAS O/S


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As svb3000 mentioned, you don't want to use a hack as your production environment.


You mentioned you would do a backup to USB just in case; to that, I'd say you should have a proper backup in general if the documents are important. You should have both a local backup  (for fast restoring) as well as an off-site backup (in case of a fire.) A RAID 1 is not a backup. I've had my fair share of data loss due to drive failure in the past and have learned it pays to be paranoid about data storage.


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depending on why you are looking to xpenology/dsm (plugins, any specific function in dsm?) there is also open media vault, its a real linux distribution, has plugins and brings a lot of funktions as dsm provides, you might flick trough the plugins lsit and have a look at the forum, might be a wothy alternative to a hacked appliance like xpenology


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5 hours ago, filippo333 said:


You could use Rsync to go between FreeNAS and Synology.

Yes, if you have both running you can copy from one server to another. But in my understanding OP wanted reuse the same hardware to build XPenology instead of FreeNAS on it.

In this case temporary backup storage required.

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