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hp microserver n36l problem with xpenology


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Hello, I have a hp microserver N36L and I do not get any way to install xpenology,

I have tried different versions and of course I modified the file to change the mac .... but I have no luck


There somebody please indicate me step by step ... all steps ... please?

thank you very much

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Step by step:

1. Install any hacked BIOS to enable proper AHCI and all internal/external ports. Also set it to boot from USB first.

2. Grab Trantor's 4.3 release 1, and extract.

3a. If you're using Windows, download the app called DiskImager. Use that to write the smaller, .img file on the USB stick you want to use for booting the system.

3b. If you're using Linux, use DD to write it, or even better, use cat.

3c. If you're using OS X, then I'm shot. Never had to raw write any USB from OS X, so dunno about that :sad:

4. Insert the USB into the internal USB slot. Also insert the hard drives you don't mind formatting (the ones that will be used in your NAS)

5. Download and install Synology Assistant, but don't run it yet.

6. Connect your microserver to a screen, network, and power it on.

7. It should finish initial power-on in about two minutes. The text will stop scrolling on the screen. Run the Synology Assistant, and let it discover the device (make sure you connect to the same network, and that DHCP is enabled!).

8. The Assistant should see the device. Right click and choose "Connect" (not Install!). A new browser page will open, with the device's IP address, and will get you ready to set it up. Just follow the steps written on screen, give it the .pat file when it asks, name it, etc., set it up. In about 5 minutes you'll have your XPE disk station up and running!

9. One little thing. If you don't want to lose your boot USB, remove it before clicking Next on the first screen (or as soon as the Assistant can see the device). Otherwise it will be wiped, and you'll have to do Step 3 again to get it to boot (but Step 3 only!).


I think that's all.

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