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Docker TCP - no ip

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Hi guys,


i have installed docker this morning before go at work... Was a bad idea :D...

I chose the "TCP" config and now, my nas can't find an IP... So, i can't access it, even by the syno assist software.


  1. Someone have an idea to fixe it ?
  2. Can i reset the DSM without loose my data ?


Thanks a lot :-)


EDIT : my nas turn on the latest version of DSM with the latest version of jun' bootloader.

EDIT² : a static IP based on the mac address' not the solution.

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When you switch between DS3615sx and DS3617sx you are forced to reinstall/migrate your installtion.

Had the same problem when setting my second nic to MTU9000, the whole system went rogue. That's how i fixed :)


I used Docker in DSM 5.2, DSM 6.0, DSM 6.1 and never had such a problem.

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