Hyper Backup - Dysfunctional scheduler

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I have an issue where no backups via HyperBackup at a scheduled time, If I click Backup Now the task completes with no error, it just wont start on its own...


For example I scheduled one for 12:15 in HyperBackup and in system log no error is displayed and it still has the green tick but just displays the next backup schedule time. (Skips the backup)


I have done alot of searching and found in the root of the system under /var/log/synoscheduler.log below is an entry from my failed task.

I have tried deleting all backup tasks, backing up to another location. Also tried just backing a single folder with a txt file in it, nothing seams to work.

Please help.


2017-10-07T12:15:02+01:00 NAS synoschedtask: sched_task_db.c:111 Exec sql:[CREATE TABLE if not exists task_status(status_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY ASC, pid INTEGER, timestamp INTEGER, app STRING, task_id INTEGER, status_code INTEGER, comment STRING, stop_time INTEGER);] error: file is encrypted or is not a database
2017-10-07T12:15:02+01:00 NAS synoschedtask: sched_task_run.c:386 Init sqlite failed. [0x0000 (null):0]


I also find this error in /var/log/messages.log
synoscgi_SYNO.Entry.Request_1_request[25632]: APIRunner.cpp:309 WebAPI SYNO.Backup.Task is not valid

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