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Attatch an existing DSM data disk to VM



I installed DSM on a physical machine and now I want to migrate to new VM on Windows 10 with VM Workstation 12


The DSM install successfully and I tried offline old DSM physical disk in Windows also tried run VM as administrator

But got error: Operation failed on \\.\PhysicalDIsk1 and the DSM boot failed


The physical disk was installed DSM and have many data files, total size is 3TB

How to fix it


Also tried use whole disk or partition got the same

Is it possible boot DSM from the physical disk, because I installed one on it



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I'm not an expert in this area but dont think you can attach a disk from a bare metal install to VMW 12, unless you can use a rdm or passthough mode on your sata controller, and I'm not sure that is possible in VMW12.

Why not run ESXi (and with a passthrough compatible controller you could direct attach the DSM disk) and run W10 as a VM alongside XPE/DSM?

In you do want W10 as the main o/s, your best option might be to boot up your old physical machine, copy/backup your data, then connect the drive to the W10 machine and reformat/install DSM again.

The DSM partition does not boot, thats done by the XPE boot loader (or a disk module in real syno systems), DSM resides on disk for resilience and the boot loader 'hands over' to DSM once its loaded the initial system drivers/setup etc.

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My graphic card do not support passthrough mode in ESXI so I have to use W10 as host system

And I also want to use DSM 6 so I couldn't use Hyper-V

I'll research passthrough mode in VMW 12

Yes I understand that DSM need boot disk partition,

my VM has two disk one use XPE boot loader and I want it boot my physical disk which already installed DSM system, that's why I need attatch this physical disk to VM.

But if I can use as data disk is also an acceptable option.

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I found the problem

1. Do not offline disk if not use pass through mode

2. Must the same DSM version as physical


3. Just repair system partition then can access physical disk in VM

4. I mount SCSI device as use whole partition not tried use disk


If VMW got error msg just continue then the error won't happen again

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