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Jun's Loader + RocketRaid 750 Drivers


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I have a 3ware 9500S and the thing is that with the extra.lzma that can be found somewhere I can actually see one of the connected HDDs, but I have 3 connected, but with the standard extra.lzma there is no HDD showing up, I think it says that it should be supported though?

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why would you need the highpoint rocket750 driver for a 3ware card? you can use the version i already published in my thread, there are 3ware drivers in it

if that does not work and you have a link to newer drivers then i will try to compile them


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Hi IG-88


I am sorry if I entered a discussion on the wrong terms, I tried your version 2 of the extra.lzma and it didn't really work, but I think that maybe it has to do with the settings in the card itself (it is not sending the disks as JBOD).

I'll try your version 3 and see if I fare better, and I do apologize for highjacking this thread!

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