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Install DS3612xs DSM4.3 build 3810++ on Proxmox(KVM)


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First I want to say thanks for your awesome guide!

My installation also went wrong on the last step "writing configuration files" then I replace the raw file with the synoboot image. But on the next boot I start allover again, the Synology Assistant said "configuration lost" and when I installed it again the same procedure starts over. Do you have a clue what is going wrong here?


PS. Aan je naam te zien spreek je ook Nederlands? :wink:


Nevermind, for the last time I tried it using the web-manager and the option to download the most recent version of the Synology site. When the installer was completing the installation I rebooted the device, got the grub error 22 so I replaced the raw with the synoboot img and voila! It is working fine now!

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