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Remote Folders



Hello,  is it possible to mount a remote folder and have the apps in Synology look in that remote folder to serve the content?

For example, I have movies and pics on another server and I do not want to bring in physically into Synology, can I still play videos, photos etc...  as if they were local to Synology?


I have been beating my head against the wall with Remote Folders, but it does not seem to work.  


I'm currently on DSM 5.2-5644 Update 5  looking to upgrade to 6.x



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Yes, if you mount the remote shares into a local shared folder.


Let's say I make a local "Media" folder, and share it with the intended users, with any restrictions I want,

and then inside that folder I map remote shares, like "Photo", "Music", "Movies" etc.

(im 6.x you can easily map NFS shares as well as CIFS/SMB)


Just make sure you set the file/folder permissions correct, and this wont be a problem.



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I like it!  Very tricky.  Share inside a share.


But it did not work for me inside Video Station.   Files/folders look fine in FileStation.  I also tried the logging into the Synology share from a different computer and the Synology share looks good.  I can even traverse the remotely mounted folder with write privileges.


Could it be my version 5.2?

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@MajorGrunt that's strange...

I'm not currently using VideoStation, but I'm using both Plexserver and Logitech MediaServer on my "MediaBox",

pointing to remote shares on 2 different "NAS-only" boxes. All of them running 5.2.

The MediaBox is running as a VM on a G8, and the NAS boxes are N54L, running bare-metal.


All of my mediaplayers, Plex/Kodi/SqueezeBox etc. is having no problem accessing the "remote" mediafiles.


Do you have a setting in Video Station where you define the mounted folders, and have you given VideoStation permission to those?

Something like this.


You may need to add the mounted folders to the indexed folders.



Seems like other people have been "fighting" with VideoStation and this problem.


look at the reply from Syno in the last post...

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@bearcat thanks for your help.


That post is from Sept of 2015 so that is 2 yr old problem.  Chances are v5.2.x will not be able to do this out of the box.  Shame.

It kinda defeats the purpose of Synonology if they push people to use 3rd party apps.  


I double checked my indexed folder, and VideoStation only lists physical folder, no remote folders are shown anywhere.  This is also the case for 'Indexed' functionality.


I'm running in a Hyper-V myself, on a Dell T430.  I have used a raid expander ( dell insisted it would not work) to have ability to add more hard drives in additional enclosures.  All my content sits on bare metal Raid, so moving it into the VM makes no sense.


I will go with Flex for my video.


Again thanks for your help.

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