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Thinking to jump into wagon - how serious is SN issue?




I'm about to pull the trigger on buying HP gen8 and before pulling it, I've decided to read the forum to see if any recent problems exist with Xpenology.

It looks like lately Synology started to tighten up SN/MAC address control, so I was wondering - if I won't have real SN, is there still any use of Xpenology?

I'm planning to use it at home, mostly for Plex, Photo management/archiving (would be nice, if photo management would have iOS/Android TV apps) and docker to run http webserver, may be in the future for security camera recording.


I guess the main reason why I'm not buying DS218+ is that I'm afraid CPU with 1313 score won't be able to run Plex/Docker (price is high too for the specs you get).


As I understand, main problem is with Photo Station and Surveillance Station‎, are there any alternatives for these if I won't be able to get working SN/MAC?

Has anybody noticed issues with other packages - Plex, Docker, etc?

Are there any working generators, or just real SN/MAC is the solution currently?

Overall from you experience, if you would have no ability to use Photo Station - would that impact your decision to use Xpenology or not?

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Some of the answers to your questions are answered here: 


Read the last few posts I made.


You do not NEED a real SN/MAC to use DSM. The late tightening of Synology is mainly related to how some of their proprietary apps works (conversion and transcoding). These limitations apply only to THEIR proprietary apps. There are other apps that can be used. In any case I have made some tutorials (see pinned topics) with an updated SN generator which in principle produces valid SNs thus enabling you to use Synology's proprietary apps fully.


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