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I use expenology since one year, everything is (was....) working good.

I use to check smart data sometimes, and everything was fine. I did it today, like usual, but I got an error, when asking hd smart data. Always not available.

Already tried to reboot, but problem remains....

Has anyone an idea about how to solve this?

DSM 6.0.2 update 11 (since many month ago) with 2 hard disks "basic" (independant, without raid)




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I have this exact same problem as well on Jun's loader 1.02b, DSM 6.1.5-15254-Update 1, DS3617xs. I had issues still on earlier version as well, 15047.


I am running ESXI 6.5, a Dell H200 flashed to IT mode, passing the card thru to XPE as JBOD with the intention of having xpenology manage the RAID. The disks are detected and I can put data on it, and it does say "SMART Status Normal" nder Storage Manager > HDD/SSD, BUT when I click one of the active disks and click "Health info" I get the same prompt as above: "Not available" so I am not sure how reliable that SMART status is.


Did you find a fix or solution??



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