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Questions about DSM 6.1 on Laptop


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I have two questions about installing DSM 6.1 on a laptop:

1- Is there a big difference if the laptop have Core i3 2370M CPU vs having Core2 Duo T6400 CPU in overall performance and if I want to use Plex?

2- Is there a trick to know the Battery percentage of the laptop and make it shutdown automatically if the battery percentage decreases to certain level, For example: if the Battery blow 50% it will shutdown automatically? DSM is a GNU/Linux distribution so maybe there is away to do that! What you think guys?!

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8 hours ago, jack78 said:

1. To using PLEX difference will be huge.


I'm intersted in Single 1080p transcode, Will be Core 2 Duo T6400 enough for that?


7 hours ago, IG-88 said:

Yes like this! Can I use this method with DSM 6.1? I mean is the DSM (GNU/Linux distribution) can know the battery percentage and then I can use this script? and how to do that

Thank you guys!

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