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8 drives in Microserver HP Gen8. Is it possible?


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That is a nice card, I'm using similar 8 port card with the marvel chipset and they work ok with the mvsas.ko driver module which is included in the 'extended' extra.lzma ramdisk created by @ig-88/@polanskiman.

If you are planning to use an external drive bay then you will need to make sure that the drives spin up correctly before XPE boots so that both internal/external drives are available other wise your raid may crash. You might need some type of 'power relay timer' system that powers on the external bay first for cold boot and last for shutdown.

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I would check carefully the power supply 'rails' (12v/5v etc) on the 200w psu that it has enough capacity to handle 8 drives and the other system components. For example a WD Red 4 TB has a maximum 12v current of 1.75amps, which is probably the spinup maximum. If you have 8 drives = around 170 watts peak, dropping to say 100w/8.4amps in load. Remember that drives will 'spin up' from hibernation and demand the current, not just at boot.

I have had problems with arrays where the PSU spec 'looked' ok but is couldn't handle the load and the SHR would randomly crash with different drives dropping from the controllers. Once I put a bigger PSU in it was fine.

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I'm using 4x WD Red 6TB. On my Celeron G1610T with 4gb RAM my system uses around 45W Idle

If all the HDD's go into Sleep it's about 26W.

If the HDD's spin up it shows a maximum of 80W, though i cannot say how accurate the measurement device can capture the peak. Migh be even more.


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