Physical drive limits of an emulated Synology machine?

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9 минут назад, flyride сказал:

I'm not clear if your experience is due to the controller you are using or the unusual configuration >26 disks

The number of disks does not matter: in the base load of DSM 6.1.7 / 6.2 / 6.2.3 for 12 disks, there is already a leapfrog effect in their positions. The controllers and backplanes that I used are listed above.

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still valid, if anyone want to venture into the >26 drive count then  have a look into quicknicks loader it seems to be pure script, no binary's or obfuscations

its a field only very few people need and therefore not many have even looked (let alone noise and power consumption will keep off most people from >26 drives)


if its about what special "moves" can be done to drives in dsm then this was meant to be there as help (including links to people that have tried one or the other thing)


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If you want to have >26 drives there are really two key things that need to happen.  On *INITIAL INSTALL*, you need to have "maxdisks" set to less than 26, I would suggest just doing 12.  Once you have gotten through the initial install and first full boot, you then go back and modify maxdisks to a larger number and create your volumes/raid arrays.  This is because on first boot, DSM takes a slice off every disk to create a RAID-1 array for DSM itself to live on.  Whatever binary they use to create this partition is passed the "maxdisks" variable, and if that variable is >26 the binary will crash.  After a system has been installed this script/binary is never called again that I've seen unless you're trying to do a "controller swap" - IE If you went from a 3615 to 3617 it would be called again.

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