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Commercial use





I would like to know if it is possible to mount an HP Proliant G8 with XPEnology and use it in a working office to make backup copies.

Is it legal or illegal? I don't know if somebody said something about this topic but I haven't found nothing.



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There are several threads discussing this theory, with mixed opinions. This is my analysis.


1) Synology used open source software to build DSM, so other developers 'making it work' on other hardware is not illegal

2) XPE Its a 'hobby project' by some really smart dev guys who have 'made it work', its not designed for commercial/production use and could end at any time with a new DSM or the devs pulling out of the project.

3) Using generated synology S/N and macs to use quickconnect etc is an abuse of synology terms so should be avoided

4) Can you convince your bosses that its ok to have hardware/software thats a 'hobby' system for backups.


If you are happy about the above then there is no reason not to use it.


In my own situation, I have real DS Syno boxes for my clients production data, but I do run a couple of XPE/DSM units as backup jukeboxes as targets for the real boxes to back up to.

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Anything is 'possible' :smile:


A lot will depend on your company data value/security/audit/legal obligations and if you/your IT bosses are ok taking a risk with an XPE/DSM box for backups.


If your data is really critical then you should have an on site and off-site backup. In that case the on-site (XPE) box is less important if you have an issue with the server/xpe/dsm.


If you are clear with your bosses about the 'risks' with XPE/DSM and they are ok then you are ok too.


In my situation I have on-site and off-site backups. If I have an audit or 'job inspection' then I always have the backup log files showing the success/failure of backups - the inspectors don't seem to care about the hardware doing the work, just the success of the process :smile: 


Make sure you do your research into how to setup the G8 to work well with XPE, there are lots of threads about that and once running its a really neat and powerful solution

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As svb3000 said: the project can end at any time if the dev team stops working on it. If your only intention is to use the HP Gen8 as a better network backup location in a commercial environment consider using a system like OpenMediaVault, OpenFiler or NAS4Free. 










Just my 2 cents :wink:

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my point of view

synology dsm - when problems occour (like raid errors) the synology support wants a elnet/ssh session over internet to the box  - and will have access to all data an the systen in the process, not to mention being able to change system settings - and that with a company you don't have a contract about confidentiality ... where i do work thats a no go


xpe dsm - kind of no support and insecurity about the next update (needed for security so not optional) breaks the installtion or you can't install security patches - also no go


if compliance and security is of importance think twice as you are responsible for it

if you save the company money with it no one will thank you and if it goes south and breaks you will be the one to blame as you did'nt do it propperly buisiness style


so when then synology dsm (and dont expect support other then hardware repair/exchange and dont expect the kind of hardware support HP gives with care packs) or a open source solution based on a well maintaind linux distribution (for propper security updates) on a hardware like hp with care pack (depending on buisiness and money, hp will be more expansive i think but more reliable)




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