Three Marvell 88SE9215 SATA Controller cards on same build

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HI i`m almost newbe

i wander can i use three same chipset card on xpenology?

if it possible i will buy three 88SE9215 on ebay.


but someone say 'same chipset card can`t use on xpe'

who one tried this way? i want know thnaks

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never heard that here but you also can buy cards that have 8 sata ports (or more)

combinig a 8 and a 4 port card will spare a slot and you wont have two card of the same build


or check this link an switch through the cards and compare

(avoid cards with a multiplexer, only use cards with real sata ports or you may have performance issues)

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On both 5.2 and 6.x I've used two Supermicro 8 port sas cards (using the mvsas.ko driver module) to build a 20 drive system (4 internal + 8 +8 add on controllers). Works fine, the only problem is documenting the drive numbering to the cards/ports which is not always logical. 

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