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error: installing a newer dsm is required before continuing...


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been using 5.2 for a while, on baremetal and now switched over to ESXI

setup in esxi, 1 virtual disk (dsm & apps located) , passthroughd my sata controller for my other 4 disks that contains data


now 6.1

so i create a new VM, give it again 1 virtual disk, i install DSM 6.1 , working perfect so far

now i attach my sata controller again in passthrough to gain access to my data

now when in boot DSM6.1 i have this warning message : 


we've detected that the hard drives of your current ds3615xs has been moved from a previous ds3615xs, and installing a newer dsm is required before continuing


is it safe to proceed? probably there is stuff on a hidden partition on it, do i loose data?


since i have esx, i have tried to replicate this when creating a new 5.2 with virtual disks, then attach those virtual disks to a new clean 6.1 install, but i dont get that warning anymore :-)


thnx again

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Did you upgrade your bare metal 5.2 to 6.1 before migrating to ESXi or are your doing two changes at once? Might be best to do the upgrade to 6 bare metal first

I have seen that message before, its happened to me when I swapped disks between to different bare metal mobos and disk controllers. I just installed the same version of dsm that I had before and the data was ok. I think the message is because of a hardware layer change and somehow this makes the DSM think its been moved between chassis. That would make sense in your case moving to a different hardware spec (real to virtual)

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Hi, yes I played around with different hardware, first ASRock on baremetal, then baremetal on hp gen 8, now added an extra controller on hp gen 8 and moved to esxi and passthrough the original controller


Always moved the datadisks since the beginning, but I never runned 6.1 yet

I am now running esxi with 2 disk controller, and want the same config on 6.1


But gonna make a backup first before pressing enter on that message ;)

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If only people cared to search and read the forum there wouldn't be so many redundant topics and posts. Fear not I will restructure the forum soon enough and rules applied to the letter but that's for another day.


The "We've detected that the hard drives of your current ds3615xs has been moved from a previous ds3615xs, and installing a newer dsm is required before continuing" message is a standard message when upgrading. I probably was the first person to ask about it a year ago. Click next and you will be given the choice to install then migrate.

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1 hour ago, NoFate said:

Hi, well I I have indeed searched, but I couldn't find that many hits on it, also not a clear answer what the next step step is...


Sorry in advance


Result of my search. Took me less than 5 minutes.

https://xpenology.com/forum/search/?&q="detected that the hard drives"&sortby=relevancy


Produced the following results among others:







The search function is powerful. Just try different word combinations.

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