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I am storing a file in nearly all my directories to store some custom data (metadata, md5 hash etc.). I would like to hide these files from the File Station and the CIFS share, latter I can do through explorer but that's a bit annoying to do for that much files and it's also not hiding on DSM. 

The preceding dot like on other Linux systems doesn't seem to work for DSM so does someone know how I could hide files otherwise?

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On 18.9.2017 at 9:29 AM, sbv3000 said:

If you open control panel and edit the 'shared folder' permissions you can set hidden files and folders based on user accounts. your admin account should/will  always be able to see all files/folders though

I only found the option to hide files to accounts with no permission. But how does that work? My CIFS user can still see all files, even if they're owned by root.

Only way I can make this work is through custom permissions in file browser, but I would need to set this for 100+ files so that's not very practical :(



Ok I found out how this works, I need to remove all permissions with

chmod a-r myfile

If I do that it's still visible on the DSM file browser with my admin account, but on the CIFS account it's gone.

Thanks for the tip!

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