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VPN Server ?


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Hi All,


New to XPENology. I am after a NAS solution with a VPN server. Having looked at this software I can see there is a VPN client, but no signs of a server. I would like to connect to my NAS remotely using some form of VPN.


Anyone know if this is do able ?



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I guys, did you get the PPTP of the vpN server working?


OpenVPN work but PPTP seems not to be working, i had this problem on DSM4.1 and now on DSM4.2 same problem.


P.S. I got the XPEnology working under ESXi 5.1

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Hi guys,

I'm also having problems with VPN server (PPTP) - can't get it to work

my iPhone and other devices return the error message "connection cut by the server"

Have you experienced and then solved same issue?

With OpenSSL - would you have a tutorial or other guides to set it up with proper certificates? (not the synology one that'd be available to anyone)



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