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Sleep/Hibernation problem on HP Gen8


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I am a beginner in the NAS world, so excuse on my ignorance.

i follow great tutorials from this forum how to install xpenology on my HP MicroServer Gen8 G1610T with 4GB RAM.

I installed 1.02b loader and DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 4.


Everything is fine except hibernation. Is there a way to set NAS to go to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity? I already checked WOL, HDD hibernation on 10 minutes, and auto power off. But it seems nothing of these help.

Plsease help.







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Hey, I'm having the exact same problem, did you to find any solution? I have a Synology DS-216j and it enters in sleep mode without any problem in about 15 minutes or so if there is no activity, but with my gen8 this is not happening, it could be power on for days and won't enter sleep mode, even if I never use it or enter the web interface or use iLO, etc. If anyone knows a solution please share it.

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