DSM 6.x.x Loader (with MBR partition Table)

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Hey. M/b GA-G31M-ES2L (Rev. 2.x), NC ar8131 chip, the DSM 6.x.x Loader (with MBR partition Table) - does not see the network adapter, apparently there is no driver. Is there any way to add it? Sorry for the stupid question, thanks :-)

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1 hour ago, Polanskiman said:


You mean you took Genesis loader and removed the appropriate files and added the new loader and files?



Sort of, I mounted both partition of the 1.02 Genesis loader (MBR) in OSFmount.

Then I took the 1.03 loader mounted both partition also in OSFmount, and copied the files over to the 1.02b Genesis.


It works great, just installed a fresh DSM 6.2. (bare metal) And also updated to the new update.

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1 hour ago, Fabry815 said:

Hi, you are able to convert the last loader availlable 1.04b


why do you need an MBR version of this loader? It only works on 4th gen intel Core processors (and newer) anyway - and surely they all have UEFI BIOSs. 


I'm using the current loader in CSM / BIOS mode and it works fine

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On 1/24/2018 at 8:14 PM, IG-88 said:



i found something old about "older" hp systems


interestingly i have a dc7600 cmt for tests and this system boots with genesys's mbr loader

a dc7800p ultra slim does not



could you fix this problem ?


i have a dc7800 sff here, and have the same problem.


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hallo All Users


 a use DSM 6.1JunsMod for DS3615xs - Loader Version 1.02b (MBR Partition Table)


work Very Good DS3615xs DSM 6.1 and upgrade DS3615xs 6.1 update 3 ok my  intel atom  d945gclf2 motherboard ( HDD IDE Work Very Good )

my problem:

upgrade DS3615xs - DSM 6.2xx or boot a loader DS3615xs_V1.03b_MBR_Zandstraal.img ( network not found not even for an installation without a system (fresh install))  ( how to work a DSM 6.2xx in the intel atom  d945gclf2 motherboard ? )


Plese help me! , Tanks


How To Debug and Find The problem ?

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