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This is a quick walkthru for those of you who might have issues with RuTorrent on DSM 6.1 


I got mine up and working with some help of about 4 different forums all over the place. So I figured why not put my experience down for others who might run into the same problem. I make NO guarantees it will work for you. This is just what I did, and it worked. This also assumes you have NO torrents in your client, because you will have to uninstall. If you have torrents, figure it out on your own, I don't want to get yelled at. :)


I uninstalled the RuTorrent package.


Install webstation


Install Apache Server 2.4


Install PHP 5.6


Goto Webstation. General Settings Tab. HTTP Backend server select Apache. PHP select 5.6


Goto Webstation. PHP Tab. Then select PHP Version: 5.6 Enable all 4 options directly under it. Enable all Extensions. UNDER Customize PHP open_basedir I used this formula



Install RuTorrent


Goto Webstation. Virtual Host Tab. Select the rutorrent line. Click edit. Ensure HTTP back-end server is Apache Server 2.4 Ensure PHP is PHP 5.6


Test out install. This is all I did to get it working properly. I tested usiing PHP7, couldn't get it to work. Tested with Nginx, and it worked fine, however, I had issues with Couch Potato and trying to connect. 

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I'm having trouble getting my Synology to connect to a VPN as a client. The client connection works from other devices so it's not an authentication thing.


Bottom line I'm wondering about using ruTorrent or the deluge docker, and protecting yourself by downloading over a VPN. @viper359 are you using a VPN with ruTorrent? @bglf83 does the deluge docker run a VPN client you can configure? And how do you deal with "only download while the VPN is up; if the VPN isn't up, don't download anything until it's up"?

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